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THE FASHION ADVISORY collaborates with a professional business that specialises in technical drawings for fashion business. This allows TFA to support brands and offer more services that can hugely benefit a business in time and sourcing additional skills to grow and develop your brand further.

The Technical Drawing service is quoted on collection by collection ( or garment by garment ) – and will depend on the number of garments and the complexity of the garment details.

How it works !

  • The business provides the initial design sketches – that include front and back detail.
  • We provide a quote either per design or by and enter collection. This depends on delivery time-frames and complexity of detail.
  • Initial trade sketches are created and sent to you for approval. You have one opportunity to make adjustments ( non design ) to the detail before final approval.
  • Trade sketches are delivered in Adobe Illustrator format.  ( We can also deliver trades in JPEG  | PDF format ).


  • Brands with a library of technical trades ( that are your style and your brand aesthetic ) are recommended to work off those previous designs to retain a specific look and feel for your brand.
  • Companies that use preferred  trade  / shape templates are recommended to provide these as a starting point to maintain your brand aesthetic.

Brand Protection.

  • We understand the need for complete security and protection surrounding your designs and brand.
  • We will not share or divulge any IP of your brand to any third party.
  • We request that we may use some of your images for marketing in the future ( past the design season ) and this will be requested in writing.


  • A 50% non-refundable payment  is made to secure and book in the job. Job priority will be based on the first payment.
  • Balance is due prior to final delivery.

Request a quote.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your  technical drawing requirements.
  • Send us a message.